Benefits of Mobile Grooming

  • More Convenient
  • One on one attention
  • Less stress on your pet
  • No long stays at the salon
  • Climate controlled
  • No messes in your car
  • Your pet is never caged
  • No contact with other animals
  • Hydro Massage bath
  • Eliminates anxiety
  • All Natural Shampoos
  • Saves time
  • Hassle Free

Benefits of Regular Pet Grooming

Healthy Skin and Coat
- A regular bath helps promote healthy skin and coat by removing dirt, excess oils, parasites (fleas, ticks and lice) dead skin and hair, which in turn helps prevent and fight off common skin problems. This applies to all dogs and cats, large and small, short and long hair. DO NOT use human shampoo, as the PH balance is different between humans and animals.

Fresh Smelling
- Pets shouldn’t stink. In fact, they probably don’t enjoy smelling bad any more than you do. So, that “dog” smell you’ve gotten used to in your house doesn’t need to come with the territory of owning a pet. Regular grooming will keep your pet and house smelling fresh.

Reduced Shedding
- A lot of loose hair is removed during the grooming process from the brushing and blow drying. PLUS there are special “DeShedding” treatments that drastically reduce shedding for a period of time. Imagine how nice it would be to not have your floors, furniture, car and clothes covered in hair!

Teeth Cleaning
- We all know how important it is to brush our teeth. Well the same is true with dogs. Regular brushing helps get rid of tarter and plaque buildup on your dog’s teeth and also helps promote healthy gums. Plaque and tarter build up can lead to gum disease and infections, which can spread to other organs in the body. Most importantly, it helps prevent other major diseases. Brush your dog’s teeth with a soft bristle pet toothbrush. ONLY use pet approved toothpaste. DO NOT Use human toothpaste.