We're pleased to offer the following services at The Mobile Pet Spa:

Grooming Pricelist

Based on a REGULAR GROOMING schedule of every 4-8 weeks
**** Pets not groomed on a regular basis every 4-8 weeks, will cost more ****
Currently we accept Cash or Checks - There is a $35 fee for RETURNED CHECKS

   ~Spa Treatment~
For Dogs

  Basic includes:
Nails, ears, anal glands, teeth brushed, Luxury Shampoo, remoisturizer and sanitary if needed.

Full Groom includes:
Basic plus a Haircut

Small Dog (25 lbs and under)$75-$8585-$95
Medium Dog (26 lbs – 50 lbs)$85-$95 $95-$105
Large Dog (51 lbs – 75 lbs)$100-$110$110-$120
X Large Dog ( 76 lbs +)$120-$130$130-$170
XX Large Dog (100 lbs +)$135-$185$160-$300

~Add Ons To Spa Treatment Above~

Shed Less Treatment - $15-$30
Flea Shampoo - $10
Paw Pad Treatment -$10
Blueberry Facial-$10
Nails Filed or Buffed-$10
DeMatting - $10 and up (depending on condition)

 ~Spa Treatment~

For Kitties

Regular Package $100-$125
Bath, Blow Dry, Nails and Ears..NO HAIRCUT
Lion Clip or Summer Clip $100-$125
Including Nails and Ears. . . . . . . . . NO BATH
Lion Clip or Summer Clip$125-$155
Including Bath, Blow Dry, Nails and Ears.